Hey guys!

Today, I am excited to announce my debut novel, Birth by Flame, which will be released later this fall.  As I am self-publishing this novel, I don’t have a definite release date yet.

Here’s a brief synopsis to get you guys excited.

Birth by Flame is the story of Garus, the young prince of the fantasy kingdom of Deralan.  He has everything a teenage boy could ask for: money, power, beautiful girls.  He also has a responsibility to his people he doesn’t want to keep.  When his father confronts him about his place as a leader, Garus runs away, leaving behind the world of the rich and famous for that of the poor and unknown.

It is not long before Garus meets Shiro, a tough peasant with a distrust for this wealthy stranger.  Together with Vahura, a dancer from a foreign land, they uncover a plot to take over Deralan.  The three of them must race across the continent to save their country.

Hope you all liked that!  I will be posting sneak peeks and other content to give you a small taste of what’s to come this fall in Birth By Flame.