If you’re not American, I wish you a very pleasant Saturday.  If you are, happy Independence Day!  I wish you good fireworks, food and time with friends or family.  Just remember to stay safe.

Yesterday, I had a bunch of my friends come over to give me some feedback on Birth By Flame.  To be blunt, they enjoyed it, but also really tore into it.  Which was good.  This book has been in my head for so long that it was really necessary for more people to look at it.  I feel like when something has been kept to yourself for so long, it’s really easy to overlook something really essential for the reader.  Having people who don’t know everything about this world (which frankly, I don’t even know everything) asking “Why?” or “Wait, what?” was insanely helpful.  Really, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your comments and inside jokes.

Now, while this means I do still have some work to do, rest assured, Birth by Flame, is still going to be released fall 2015.

Once again, happy Fourth of July everyone!