Uhezuote is a planet not unlike Earth.  It is only slightly smaller than Earth, and its climate, atmosphere, and ecology of Uhezuote are also similar to Earth.

The dominant species on Uhezuote, and the only intelligent species, are the humanoid izhuani (iʒu’ani).  The izhuani are a versatile species, living in nearly every biome on the planet.  Though they appear and act human, there are a number of differences, which will be discussed in a future installment.

The key difference between our Earth and Uhezuote is the presence of magic.  Magic exists as an invisible presence just “beyond the veil” from the physical world.  All people can sense magic to some extent, but mages are those people who are able to draw magical energy from the other side and manifest it as an elemental force.  The power to wield magic can be passed down through families, resulting in whole lines of mages.

Above is a map of Uhezuote in the Winkel-Tripel projection, the same map projection used by National Geographic.  In the next installment, we will go more in depth into the history of this world and introduce you to Deralan, the setting of Birth by Flame.